Stilles Reisen /Silent travel


Ateliertag ist Reisetag. Zu den feinsten Orten in sich, wie zu den tiefsten oder zu den heftigsten. Kunst kann man nicht als Nebensache betreiben, da muss man schon fit sein, ordentlich dastehen, wie der Mond am Himmel …

Es ist die Zeit seine Konturen zu schärfen und sich kopfüber in das Meer im Inneren zu stürzen. Oder im Pyjama an die Türen der Götter zu klopfen. Sich immer wieder einen Strich durch die Rechnung machen lassen …

Entweder im süßen Taumel der Gegenwart sein, oder wie ein blinder Elefant durch den Porzellanladen laufen. Wachen hinter den Kulissen. Am Ort, wo die Fäden der Dinge zusammenlaufen …


Studio day is travel day. To the finest places in oneself, as to the deepest or the most fierce. You can not do art as an afterthought, you have to be fit, stand well, like the moon in the sky …

It’s time to sharpen ones contours and head down into the ocean inside. Or to knock in pyjamas on the doors of the gods. Time and again to allow a spanner being thrown in ones plans…

Either being in the sweet tumult of the present, or run like a blind elephant through the china shop. Watching behind the scenes. In the place where the threads of things come together …

Autor: Briant Rokyta

Briant Rokyta is an Austrian artist based in Vienna. He follows the principle of PERMANENT CREATION in performance, drawing, painting, writing and sculpting and in providing lectures and workshops. PERMANENT CREATION is another way of viewing the world. Not through the rational mind but through art, through being, which is constantly creating itself: Each moment is creation and oneself is intimate part of it. Human society is also changing, a new level of relatedness arises and the age of separation is sinking. I find it helpful and joyful to use art in such a way to support this process in favor of a world that is more beautiful, integrative and playful. The best way of doing so is to show this potential of art, in various garments and as a way of life together with fellow artists. For further information please check out:

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