Am Grund der Dinge / At the bottom of things



Du rinnst wie Sand im Stundenglas, all das Aufgewühlte sinkt zu Boden. Am Grund der Dinge ist es still …

Am Grund der Dinge breitet sich der Morgen aus, als wär er ewig. Die Geschichten in deinem Kopf brechen wie Eierschalen an der Weltenwand. Übrig bleibt das neue Land, die Vergangenheit hat ihre Anker gelichtet und zieht fort zu den blauen Bergen am Horizont …

Platzen die Gedanken wie Seifenblasen, bleibt allein deine Beziehung zum Grund der Dinge. Ist er Freund oder Feind? Ist er etwas, dass du manipulieren oder kennenlernen willst?

Selbst wenn Gewalten durch die frischen Lande ziehen und es bläst uns volle Kanne um, stehen wir doch wieder auf, nackt, verliebt und bereit zu neuen Schandtaten …


You run like sand in the hourglass, all the turbulence sinks to the ground. At the bottom of things, it is quiet …

At the bottom of things, the morning spreads as if it were eternal. The stories in your head break like egg shells on the world wall. Only the new country remains, the past has eased its anchor and continues to the blue mountains on the horizon …

When thoughts burst like soap bubbles, only your relationship with the bottom of things is left over. Is it a friend or an enemy? Is it something that you want to manipulate or get to know?
Even when forces run through the fresh lands and blow us down, we stand up again, naked, in love and ready for new outrages …

P1030576 (2)

Autor: Briant Rokyta

Briant Rokyta is an Austrian artist based in Vienna. He follows the principle of PERMANENT CREATION in performance, drawing, painting, writing and sculpting and in providing lectures and workshops. PERMANENT CREATION is another way of viewing the world. Not through the rational mind but through art, through being, which is constantly creating itself: Each moment is creation and oneself is intimate part of it. Human society is also changing, a new level of relatedness arises and the age of separation is sinking. I find it helpful and joyful to use art in such a way to support this process in favor of a world that is more beautiful, integrative and playful. The best way of doing so is to show this potential of art, in various garments and as a way of life together with fellow artists. For further information please check out:

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